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Pictures for Montessori Albums

Some of these files are big, which might cause them to look funny in your browser. If this is happens to you, try downloading them and opening them with a paint program.



Fraction Circle pictures

Here are some pictures of Fraction Circles and bigger Fraction Circles made with Circular Reasoning.

Wooden Hierarchy pictures

Here are pictures of a million cube, a hundred thousand prism, a ten thousand bar, a thousand cube, a hundred prism, a ten bar and a unit cube, all drawn with Logo.

Grammar symbol pictures

Leone Learning Systems, Inc. (LLS) is a North Shore company that provides online courses for kids anywhere and local teaching and tutoring services for students in Chicago and the Northern Suburbs of Chicagoland. LLS also provides a free geometry software package for children age 6 and up, and free resources for teachers and parents. This site includes information about classes taught, availability for tutoring, learning activities for kids, lesson plans, and ongoing software and curriculum research and development efforts.