1. Private Tutoring
  2. CTD Courses
  3. Chiaravalle Studios

Private Tutoring

Private tutoring slots in K-14 math and computer science are now available. I provide tutoring in three areas:

  • Homework help
  • Enrichment activities
  • Test preparation

Tutoring is available in person or online

Homework Help

Homework assignments grow longer and more challenging as children get older. I provide help catching up with missed assignments, reinforcing concepts presented in class, or developing organization skills and study habits.

Enrichment Activities

Some students want to pursue special interests in math or computer science or are looking for challenges in those subjects beyond what they get at school. In the past, I've provided enrichment activities for children through the Center for Talent Development at Northwestern University and afterschool studios at Chiaravalle Montessori School, and will cotinue to do so.

However, I'm often asked if I could provide courses or private sessions in addition to the CTD or Chiaravalle sessions available.

I'm now offering customized enrichment sessions for individual students who want to discover or pursue personal interests in math or computer science. If a number of students would like to pursue a line of inquiry together, group sessions can also be arranged.

Test Preparation

You can contact me for gentle, expert preparation for any of the following exams:

  • Iowa Test of Basic Skills
  • Explore
  • Plan/ACT
  • AP Calculus
  • AP Statistics
  • AP Computer Science
  • GRE

I can also help with preparation for math placement exams