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Python Syntax

Complete the PYTHON SYNTAX lessons in the CodeAcademy Python track, including Python Syntax and Tip Calculator.

After you've finished these lessons, you should know:

  • What the print command does.
  • What comments are, and how to make single line and multi-line comments.
  • How to do math operations in Python.
  • What variables are, and how to assign values to them.

If you're having trouble with CodeAcademy or just want to try out some of the basics with IDLE, check out these video tutorials from Bucky:

Python Programming Tutorial - 1 - Installing Python

Download Python 2.7.10. It works on Windows or on a mac.

Python Programming Tutorial - 2 - Numbers and Math

Python Programming Tutorial - 3 - Variables

Python Programming Tutorial - 4 - Modules and Functions

Python Programming Tutorial - 5 - How to Save Your Programs

Take this TestMoz quiz to check your understanding. You can retake it as often as you like. Sign in with your first and last name.

After taking the quiz, try to complete the trinkets below.