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On this page, you'll get an in-depth look at Python strings from Google's Python Class by Nick Parlante. String processing is a critical part of a Google search. Why do you think that is?

String Basics

As you watch the video, use the trinket console below it to follow along.

Here are a few trinket exercises for programmers who are familiar with functions:

The Quizlet below contains strings methods you should memorize. Make sure you know them well before you move on.


Test yourself on the string methods with this TestMoz quiz. Don't forget to sign in with your first and last name.

Python Slices

Check out this cool Python feature.

Here's the image of the video that shows positive and negative indices for the string 'Hello'

the string 'hello' with letter indexes 0 1 2 3 4

Now try this trinket exercise:

Need more of a challenge?

Log in to CodingBat and try some of the String-1 exercises, also brought to you by Nick Parlante!

Or download the file and try or in the basic folder.

Review Material