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Preparation for FatCat

The purpose of this page is to make sure you're clear on the parts of a method and how to make method calls. This will prepare you for upcoming FatCat activities.

For each of the following methods, answer these questions:

  • What is the method header?
  • How could you call this method?
  • What is the visibility modifer for this method?
  • What is the return type?
  • What is the method name?
  • Does it have parameters? If so, what are their names and types?
  • What is the body of the method?

You can click in each box for help in memorizing the material.

Method 1

act method.

Method 2

act method.

Method 3

act method.

Method 4

act method.

Method 5

act method.

Note: Technically the method header does not include the visibility modifer or the return type (see Defining Methods from Oracle's Java Tutorials). In this course, the return type (and sometimes the visibility modifier) will be included with method headers for clarity.