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  • Turns & Sectors A new way of looking at turtles and shapes
  • Circular Reasoning Free software from Leone Learning Systems for illustrating geometric ideas and doing design work
  • Angles Naming and measuring angles
  • Rational Numbers in Geometry See how fractions and proportions are used to expand or shrink geometric figures
  • Bits and Blocks Programming tips and demos from a Logo summer camp I give at Northwestern.


Test Prep

Leone Learning Systems, Inc. (LLS) is a North Shore company that provides online courses for kids anywhere and local teaching and tutoring services for students in Chicago and the Northern Suburbs of Chicagoland. LLS also provides a free geometry software package for children age 6 and up, and free resources for teachers and parents. This site includes information about tutoring and classes provided, learning activities for kids, lesson plans, and ongoing software and curriculum research and development efforts.