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*The operation of this site is partly funded by commissions I make from on books purchased through these links. I only recommend books I have personally read and found useful. I only post book recommendations on pages intended for adults.

Information for Parents

There are lots of free learning activities for children in the Kids section of this site. You can also read about the process and rationale for my way of teaching in the Teachers section. Details of my teaching philosophy can be found in the Designers and Researchers sections.


Private Tutoring in Math and Computer Science

I provide private tutoring for learners K-12. This includes everything from basic arithmetic and introductory Logo programming through AP Calculus and AP Computer Science. Tutoring is provided in person or online in the form of homework help, enrichment activities, or test preparation.

Courses Through the Center for Talent Development (CTD) at Northwestern University

I teach classroom and online courses in math and computer science for K-12 kids. Through CTD and Northwestern's School of Education and Social Policy, I have worked with researchers in learning sciences to deliver cutting edge curriculum as it was being developed and continue to learn about teaching and curriculum development from experts as I develop my own courses.

Studios in Math and Computer Science at Chiaravalle Montessori School (CMS)

At Chiaravalle Montessori School, I teach studios (after school courses) in math and computer science to children who attend the school. My Montessori teacher training and three years of experience as a teacher at Chiaravalle have allowed me to extend my understanding and deepen my appreciation of the Montessori method of education. I am informed by Montessori in every effort I make to meet the needs of my students.

Contact Info

  • E-mail: Please put "tjleone feedback" in the subject line.
  • Snail mail: TJ Leone, Leone Learning Systems, 237 Custer Ave, Evanston, IL 60202
  • Phone: 847-951-0127


Leone Learning Systems, Inc. (LLS) is a North Shore company that provides online courses for kids anywhere and local teaching and tutoring services for students in Chicago and the Northern Suburbs of Chicagoland. LLS also provides a free geometry software package for children age 6 and up, and free resources for teachers and parents. This site includes information about tutoring and classes provided, learning activities for kids, lesson plans, and ongoing software and curriculum research and development efforts.