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Test Prep

You can contact me for gentle, expert preparation for any of the following exams:

  • Iowa Test of Basic Skills
  • Explore
  • Plan/ACT
  • AP Calculus
  • AP Statistics
  • AP Computer Science
  • GRE

I'm currently developing help for ACT Science and Math prep. Stay tuned for updates.

I can also help you prepare for math placement exams.


Khan Academy has a great Algebra series. For middle school school students preparing for the summer Algebra exam for Evanston Township High School, I recommend the following series:

Linear Equations


Exponentional Expressions

Systems of Linear Equations

Other Topics

Thinking Blocks

This is another cool site that can help you with ratio word problems

Be sure to use the "Practice this concept" button whenever it appears on a page. Another way to practice is to pause the video and work out the answer on your own before seeing how Salman Khan solves the problem.

Leone Learning Systems, Inc. (LLS) is a North Shore company that provides online courses for kids anywhere and local teaching and tutoring services for students in Chicago and the Northern Suburbs of Chicagoland. LLS also provides a free geometry software package for children age 6 and up, and free resources for teachers and parents. This site includes information about tutoring and classes provided, learning activities for kids, lesson plans, and ongoing software and curriculum research and development efforts.